Algoz to Provide Trading Strategy Services to UltraAlpha Users

Digital asset management platform UltrAlpha has partnered with to receive its long/short alpha links trading strategy service.
Announced on Thursday, the users of UltrAlpha will receive the service which uses statistical correlations and differences between diverse sets of cryptocurrency pairs in order to recognize market trends and determine the direction of the investment and hedge the risk.

Commenting on the partnership, Tal Teperberg, CEO of Algoz, said: “This collaboration is a first for us, as since its inception, Algoz focused on liquidity and brokerage solutions.”
“Our choice to collaborate with UltrAlpha is completely based on our synergy and match in vision. Like UltrAlpha, our background is strongly based on traditional financial markets…By combining Algoz’s strategy and UltrAlpha’s platform, current and future investors will be able to invest their funds more reliably and generate greater profits.”
Providing essential services to crypto companies
Founded in 2011, Fingenom was established as an infrastructure provider for trading algorithms in the capital market. With the boom in the crypto market, the fintech firm extended its reach towards the digital asset industry in 2016 by setting up AlgoZ to provide various financial solutions such as market making, brokerage, and over-the-counter (OTC) services.
Earlier this year, the company also to provide for the trading of their digital currencies.
With its professional asset management service, UltrAlpha is focusing on both asset managers and accredited investors in the digital asset trading space. The platform also launched its native UAT tokens for transactions within its ecosystem.
“Unlike traditional finance, digital asset management is still a young and growing business, but the industry is clearly seeing a strong trend towards the adaptation. Algoz and UAT share the same vision in the future of this business, and I have faith in our abilities to deliver fruitful results from this partnership,” Han Liu, CEO of UltrAlpha, added.

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