Voting for the 1st Round of London Summit Awards Kicks Off Next Week

The nomination round for the London Summit 2019 Industry Awards is officially over. Starting Monday, October 21 voting will open to determine the finalists in each respective category of industry leading companies for 2019.
In less than one month the doors of Old Billingsgate will be swung open for the largest trading event in Europe, . Before the event however, attendees have the chance to make their voice heard, by voting to recognize the best in the industry.

Every year, Finance Magnates celebrates the excelling industry participants in the key segments, by allowing the industry to cast a vote and rank the best and the brightest.
The Awards recognize a range of different performers, including best providers in liquidity, execution, trading platform, marketing and performance, and other aspects of the trading industry eco-system.
A full list of categories can be read below:

Each year we make strides to keep voting as streamlined as possible and this one is no different. Still unsure how to vote? No problem, we have got you covered.
Starting Monday October 21, click under the  located at the top of the following page. From here, prospective voters need to first log into their account using the interface seen below.
Make sure to enter your valid credentials, then click the submit button. Now that you are logged in you will be eligible to vote across any one of twelve different categories.
To do so, simply scroll down and click on any category. After clicking on a given category, you will be prompted to vote for any three companies that have been selected.
A detailed description of each category is given. You can either scroll down and manually click on a company to vote for or use the search bar highlighted below to find specific companies.
Your votes will appear under ‘My votes’ before finalizing your choices. Make sure NOT to click refresh during this process or some of your votes may not be counted.
Voting during phase one of this process will last only until November 1, so make sure not to delay and ensure your voice is heard.
It’s Not Too Late to Reserve Your Seat!
London Summit 2019 will be held on November 13-14 at Old Billingsgate. The event offers the standard trading industry gathering for learning, meeting contacts and creating new business.
Attendees, over 3,000 are expected this year, come from leading retail FX brokers, investment banks, fintech startups, and the service providers that make the business tick.
London Summit 2019 features an emphasis on both the retail and institutional space, as well as cryptocurrencies. Prospective attendees are encouraged to join the conversation and learn more about the event by accessing the and  today.

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