cTrader Integrates with Liquidity Provider IS Prime

Spotware Systems, the provider of one of the most prominent foreign exchange (forex) and contracts for difference (CFD) trading platforms in the industry – cTrader – announced that it has integrated its platform with IS Prime.
IS Prime is regulated by the (FCA) as a Prime of Prime and liquidity provider. Under the agreement, any broker or bank offering the cTrader platform will now be able to connect directly to IS Prime’s s multi-asset, aggregated liquidity pool, which is from a list of Tier-1 financial institutions.

Furthermore, the collaboration allows clients of the Prime of Prime broker to incorporate the cTrader platform into their platform portfolio, the statement published today by Spotware Systems said. 
“Following our Traders First™ motto, we aim to continue making such strategic partnerships in order to better serve our clientele and provide a competitive advantage for our brokerages so that their traders benefit with an unsurpassed trading experience using cTrader,” the company said.
cTrader capabilities continue to expand through partnerships
IS Prime joins a long list of partners for the FX and CFD cTrader platform. As , Spotware Systems recently partnered with FXStreet and Autochartist to bolster its cTrader platform.
In particular, the company recently updated its 3.3 web version of the cTrader platform to allow technical and fundamental analysis to be performed directly on the platform, as it has integrated the FXStreet Economic Calendar and Autochartist Market Analysis.
In June, the cTrader platform . The deal between the two firms saw cTrader integrate its own live chat feature into Blinger.io’s customer support system.
Based in Belarus, Blinger.io allows a user to access almost every online messaging application, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, in one place.
For consumers, it means that they can talk to customer support teams via the messaging application that they are accustomed to.

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