Invast Securities Reports Weak Business Metrics in September

Invast Securities, , has reported its preliminary operating results for the ninth month of the year – September, revealing a drop in performance from the previous month.
Many trading providers in the foreign exchange (forex) space, have reported weak trading volumes in September, against a strong performance in August – especially brokers based in Japan, , GMO Click and more.

During the month of September, Invast Securities achieved operating revenue of ¥367 million ($3.4 million). When measuring this against the previous month, which had operating revenue of ¥452 million, it is lower by 18.8 per cent.
Despite the fact that September’s value is lower on a month-on-month comparison, it does hold up when measured against the same month of the previous year, which had operating revenue of ¥353 million. Therefore, last month’s value is slightly higher by 3.97 per cent.
Nonetheless, the operating revenue reported in September is the second lowest value achieved so far this year, higher than only the month of June. In 2019, January has so far achieved the highest value, with August coming in a close second.
Deposited margin falls on Invast Securities
The total amount of deposited margin also reported a decline on a monthly comparison. Specifically, it fell ever so slightly by 0.08 per cent from ¥81.32 billion in August to ¥81.26 billion in September 2019.
However, last month’s figure has also managed to withhold its ground when weighing it against September of 2018. This is because this month recorded a total amount of deposited margin of ¥78.21 billion. Therefore, September of 2019’s value has risen 3.9 per cent year-on-year.
As , Invast Securities was not the only trading provider to report a weaker performance in September, on the back of August highs. During the month, GMO Click also saw a slump.
Specifically, when taking a look at the Japanese broker’s figures in the United States dollar, during the month of September, the firm reported a trading volume for OTC forex of $572.7 billion.

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