Coincheck Launches Bitcoin Reward Plans for Gas Bill Payments

In an attempt to bring crypto to the mass audience, Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck inked a partnership deal with E-net Systems to reward gas users in the Tokyo Gas area, the company announced today.
Under the partnership agreement, the two companies will start offering Coincheck Gas with two crypto-related plans for its customers. The gas service by the crypto company will offer a Bitcoin Rewards Plan under which customers will receive Bitcoin as rewards for the usage of gas. In addition, customers can also pay their gas bills using Bitcoin under the Bitcoin Payment Plan.

The services have been launched on Friday to the customers in the Tokyo Gas Jurisdiction.
The announcement detailed that the newly launched plan will reward gas users with equivalent to 3 percent of their monthly gas bill in Bitcoin and, under the second plan, for customers paying gas bills in Bitcoin, 3 percent discount on the monthly bill will be offered.
Bringing crypto to the masses
This is the second leap by the Japanese crypto exchange for providing utility services in the country as the company already offers similar services for electricity usage called Coincheck Electricity. Users, under the scheme, receive rewards and can also pay electricity bills using Bitcoin.
Coincheck is pushing hard to pull masses towards crypto investments and is attracting their attention with many reward schemes. Last month, the exchange partnered with Macromill Group, a market research company, to launch a service called , allowing users to exchange reward points to digital currencies.
In addition to the utility-based crypto schemes, Coincheck’s parent Monex Group last month announced that it will for the 2019 fiscal year.
A similar shareholder reward scheme was also announced by SBI Group in August, however, the rewards to be granted rather than Bitcoin.

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