Monex Group Names Yuya Asamura as an Executive Director

Monex Group has made some changes to its leadership team, as well as its retail brokerage subsidiary Monex, Inc. the company announced this Tuesday.
In particular, the company has appointed Yuya Asamura, who is the current General Manager of the Strategic Planning Office, as an Executive Director, which they will hold concurrently. This change will be effective from the 1st of October.

Naoyuki Kainuma has also been named as an Executive Director and the General Manager of the CEO Office at Monex Group. According to the statement released today, Kainuma does not currently worth the financial firm, and will take on the new role also on the 1st of next month.
Changes to Monex Inc
Monex, Inc., a Japanese retail broker, will also undergo some changes starting from next month. Specifically, it will establish a Wealth Management Promotion Office and it will integrate its Relationship Management department into its Sales Planning & Public Relation department.
Aside from that, Asamura has also been appointed as an Executive Director of the brokerage and Yutaka Masushima will take on the role of General Manager for the new Wealth Management Promotion Office.
Monex Group to offer BTC benefits
Today’s announcement comes at the same time that Monex Group revealed that it will be granting Bitcoins as a mid-term shareholder benefit for the 2019 fiscal year. 
As , the benefit, which will be granted in conjunction with the existing benefits offered by the Group, will be given to those who hold the company’s shares as of the 30th of September 2019.
For shareholders who hold Coincheck accounts, Monex will grant the equivalent of ¥500 yen ($4.65) in Bitcoin. According to the statement released today, the Group has yet to determine whether granting cryptocurrency as a part of shareholder benefits will continue after the 31st of March 2020, which the fiscal year ends.

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