2019 SFES Draws Strong Interest from Global Investors

The Saigon Financial Education Summit (SFES) was successfully held this past weekend in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Drawing over 1,250 local investors and 20 brokers, the event lived up to the hype.
The one-day event took place on September 21, which included a robust showing of international attendees in its first ever installment. Vietnam itself has seen its fortunes rise in recent years, underscoring a strong GDP growth and infrastructural improvements.

This has collectively led to higher levels of foreign direct investment (FDI), which were on full display this past weekend with many prospective investors.
Indeed, local governments have introduced many incentives to invest in many preferential policies. Consequently, Vietnam has quickly transformed into one of the most important places of business in the region.

Organized by premium Chinese media provider, FX168 Financial Group, along with Finance Magnates, the 2019 SFES featured a wide range of speakers and diverse attendees from around the globe.
This included an informative session from Huong Dang, Sales Manager of FXCM who also gave the audience a keynote speech entitled “The Advantages of Small Business”. Ms. Huong touched on multiple points: the fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and psychological trading index analysis frequently used in trading.
Additionally, LeeBK, a senior foreign exchange trader at Techcombank, one of Vietnam’s leading commercial banks, also gave a successful presentation. As an experienced forex trader, he touched on the importance of cross-market analysis for forex traders.
Attendees were able to familiarize themselves on a detailed cross-market analysis overview and the application of cross-market analysis in foreign exchange trading.
The SFES was concluded by an exclusive awards ceremony with many brokers receiving recognition for outstanding performances in 2019.

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