eFXplus B2B Gains Traction Across Institutional Desks of FX Brokerages

A shifting FX space has seen a rising demand for premium institutional research and data services that are tailored mainly to investors. Furthermore, new sales channels have been aggressively targeting the acquisition & retention of such clients.
Amidst this demand, marquee industry players in the FX space have increasingly relied on eFXplus B2B to provide institutional derived data to their prime and corporate accounts.
On that front, the list of current eFXplus partners with wholesale licenseship include brokers such as FXCM, XTB, and Oanda. eFXplus also operates strategic data partnerships, including one with Refinitiv and a strategic technology partnership with Cuneus Data Lab. Here is a rundown for the main features of eFXPlus B2B:

Providing a Real-Time Derived-Data Service (DDS) with Robust Performance
eFXplus offers a range of data services including its flagship’s derived-data service (DDS) for advanced FX traders. The Boston-based fintech company is helping clients by picking, deriving, recording, and streaming its systemized DSS in real time.
Increasing Client Engagement Via a Stream of Desk-based Trade Ideas (DBTIs)
eFXplus’ DDS runs a steady stream of desk-based trade ideas (DBTIs) and recommendations that are not just actionable, but also marked-to-market, actively managed and each with a unique encoded digital ID as well as a quasi-immutable track record.
Traders can benefit from  capabilities and indicators from eFXplus. A recent look at eFXplus from August 5th, shows the consistency of its cutting-edge analytical feeds via its orders data.

Empowering Premium Clients With Unique Sentiment Indicators
eFXplus’ DDS also utilizes its convenient long-short indicator or LSI. Switching Orders mode on eFXplus from Data to Visual indicators, provides a dynamic strategy building tool for spotting tactical and structural trading opportunities via data mashup.
This is on full display below with the LSI flashing a strong build for JPY long position ahead of the JPY strong bullish run through early August.

Utilizing an Automated Sales Channels with Dynamic Widgets  

eFXplus B2B has a unique take on automated sales channels for premium accounts. Building on its success in its data wholesale licenseship with different brokers, eFXplus has expanded its B2B service to offer its partners an automated sales channel for their prime and corporate accounts.  
The service features a dynamic marketing widget to generate leads. In particular, brokers who license eFXplus data, can integrate the eFXplus marketing widget on their public site.
The widget provides the latest dynamic and customizable data from eFXplus and sends related leads to brokers.
Implementing eFXplus’ Via Admin API 
Using the admin API, brokers gain access to limited data series such as orders data or insights, along with full access to instant email notifications. The easy to use admin API allows brokers to add and remove clients while also controlling their access level to the service.
By providing a one-day trial with different access levels, eFXplus B2B is connecting brokers with potential new clients. 
In summary, eFXplus B2B is a cost-effective solution for brokers to bundle a unique sales channel with differentiated data and research for their prime and corporate accounts.
Prospective clients are encouraged to try eFXplus B2B for brokers. To request a broker account or a call, click .

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