Global Kapital Group Announces Arsenal FC Sponsorship

Global Kapital Group announced this Friday that has partnered with . Under the agreement, the company is now the official global foreign exchange (forex) partner.
Arsenal, otherwise known as the Gunners, plays in the Premier League, the top level of football in the United Kingdom. The club is based in Islington, London.

Commenting on the partnership, of Global Kapital Group said: “We are extremely proud to have a strong partnership with one of the Premier League’s best football clubs and look forward to building strong and sustainable relationship with both Arsenal and its millions of supporters all around the world.”
The Global Kapital Group companies include FX and contracts-for-difference (CFD) broker  (formerly GKFX), GKFX Prime and GK Invest. As a whole, the group specialises in forex and securities brokerage, digital consumer finance, digital bank and payments services.
“Arsenal represents an inspiring leadership and success for us, the same basis in which Global Kapital Group was built upon 9 years ago,” Akyurt continued. “We are excited to work together to break new achievements and establish unique experiences for our clients and supporters around the world.
“Global Kapital Group’s partnership agreement with Arsenal will strengthen our global growth strategy and our dedication to lead the future of financial services industry.”
The exact details of the partnership have not been disclosed, such as the size of the deal, how much exposure the financial Group will get out of it and for how long the sponsorship will last.
Global Kapital Group are “pushing boundaries”
“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, so it is extremely exciting to partner with a company that shares this value,” added Arsenal Commercial Director, Peter Silverstone.
“In the same way that we constantly innovate to remain at the forefront of our industry, Global Kapital Group have pushed the boundaries in fintech to provide the best service possible to its customers.
“As a result, they have experienced significant growth over a short period of time and we are looking forward now to supporting their continued upward trajectory.”

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