EBS Direct Upgrade Launched in Beta Mode

EBS announced the launch of its new trading platform this Thursday.
The says that its latest update to the EBS Direct platform will allow for round trip processing times below 50 microseconds.

In a statement, the platform provider also said that the latest version of EBS Direct will provide greater execution certainty and improve fill ratios.
For now, the platform is in Beta mode, with a number of EBS clients trial running the product before it’s brought to market.
“We continue to invest in our technology to create a best-in-class platform and demonstrate our commitment to improving market transparency and liquidity for clients,” said Jeff Ward, Global Head of EBS.
“The re-architecture of EBS Direct will significantly improve latency and allows us to support more products and a wider suite of order types and execution logics to provide clients with a more deterministic trading environment.”
18 Month roll out
CME Group, the parent company of EBS, said that the new trading solution will be rolled out in four phases over the next 18 months. Clients will be slowly brought on to the new platform during that time period.
Once the onboarding process is complete, the existing EBS Direct infrastructure will be taken off the market and decommissioned.
EBS Direct was first launched in 2013. This latest update is one of the biggest that has taken place since the product was brought to market.

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