Full Agenda for London Summit 2019 Revealed

is right around the corner and it’s time to see what is in store for attendees with a freshly released agenda. Held at the Old Billingsgate on November 12-13, the event looks to offer something for all attendees.
With less than two months to go until the biggest event of the year, the time to sign up for your seat is now! Competitive pricing is available for attendees and can be accessed via the .

Networking Blitz Kick-Off Party
Join other attendees on November 12 for the exclusive Networking Blitz, a platform for networking with a twist. Sponsored by Alo Gateway, the Blitz is your opportunity to meet business leads, unwind, and get deals done.
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Day 2 of London Summit 2019 on November 13 will feature a wide range of panels, workshops, and discussions from industry leaders. A full-length agenda can be viewed , with plenty in store to accommodate attendees’ interest in the retail, institutional, and crypto sectors.
CEO Roundtable in Focus
As is the case every year, panel discussions form the foundation of London Summit 2019, emphasizing actionable insight from industry leaders. This year’s event dives right into it, focusing on our annual marquee session, the CEO Roundtable panel.
Don’t miss the chance to learn directly from the industry core players and gain insight into their vision and success stories. This includes a vision of what is to come in 2020, as well as a bird’s eye view of latest industry developments.
Moreover, you do not want to miss exclusive insight on the business implications from regulation, in tandem with the most relevant perspectives on growth, revenue, and development.
Reinventing the Retail Broker Business Model
As brokers face a constantly shifting regulatory environment, a look into overcoming challenges and reinventing the business model is now more important than ever.
This panel will reflect an opportunity to find out from industry thought-leaders how you can use tools in the business model to your advantage.
How can you reinvent the wheel and optimise your model to stay ahead of the competition in the current market environment?
Swim in the Deep End: Optimising Payments for Success
Payments are another area of emphasis at London Summit 2019/ With the payments eco-system more complex and diverse than ever before, thought leaders will be gathering to discuss the latest occurrences in this vibrant industry.
Following a year of significant news & developments, join the discussion to find out all there is to know in the sphere of payments – from regulatory effects on the processes, to what you should be looking for in a PSP from a mass pool of options, and how you can optimize your payments process.
After the Hype, Ahead of Mass Adoption: The State of the Crypto
Where does the crypto industry stand and what are the biggest challenges facing the sector moving forward? This panel has got you covered. The crypto space took the industry by storm, creating a fresh hype in efficiency, innovation and financial inclusion.
We are now reaching a new era in the crypto world as mass adoption comes to the horizon. Join this insightful session to gain first-hand knowledge on the vast complexities of the cryptocurrency industry, directly from experience-based views of crypto champions.
The Revolution Will be Tokenized: The State of the STO Industry
The ascension of Security Tokens/STOs is well founded, and have slowly but surely become an asset class worth exploring as a new method for fundraising.
Presently, we have seen a lot of companies now launching their STOs but what do we know exactly at this stage? Shortly after the hype, now is the time to delve into the details and really get to know the potential of STOs.
During this insightful session, we are gathering the masterminds to discuss STOs and their value proposition as the tool which will drive the next revolution in financing.
Beyond Liquidity: The Good, the Bad & The Must-Know
FX Liquidity is a landscape that never stops changing, providing endless opportunities and pitfalls for market participants.
In this session, panelists will discuss everything from ‘the good and the bad’ news – significant progress areas as well as pressing issues in the FX markets and the outlook for liquidity consumers, as well as the ‘must-know’ topics which are crucial in what the future will bring.
November will be here before you know it so it’s more important than ever to map out your day and see which sessions are most pertinent to you and your business. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks.

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