Weathering the Storm: How CMS Prime has Stayed Ahead of the Game in 2019

2019 has been a year of transition for many brokers. Finance Magnates spoke with Sara Ahmadi, Head of Operations at CMS Prime for her in-depth perspective on the company and its upcoming developments.
How does CMS Prime’s instrument offering stand out in a crowded field of brokers?
is always ahead of the broader competition by offering its clients the best services suite. We always stress on client experience and education and these are two pillars of our operations that we look to foster when running our business.

We always put the needs of our clients first and this is reflective in the wide range of trading instruments available to choose from. Other brokers have been scaling back instruments in light of new regulations, while CMS Prime is expanding them.
This includes our CFDs trading portfolio, which exceeds many other offerings in the retail industry. This is particularly relevant at a time when other jurisdictions are reducing CFDs’ availability.
How does market volatility affect CMS Prime? For example, is there an impact on trading volumes due to the recent trade wars or Brexit negotiations?
Market volatility is always important for any brokerage. Extreme volatility, isolated to very specific events however can be dangerous for clients, i.e. Swiss National Banking decision a few years ago.
We look to educate our clients by informing them of any risk in trading. This is especially true in times of greater market turmoil or volatility. We have seen a healthy uptick in volumes due to Brexit and we expect this continue heading into this fall.
We would also like to reiterate the importance of our client in taking necessary precautions against large trading movements in GBP pairs.
What instruments are most in demand by CMS Prime’s clients and do you foresee this changing at all in Q4 2019?
Traditionally, our clients have always focused on the G7, Gold and Oil. While that continues to be in strong demand, in recent times, we have seen a surge in demand for CNH and Indices especially the US and German indices.
In Q4, we expect trading on similar lines, however with the uncertainty around Brexit, we see traders trading a lot on GBP and Euro pairs.
Regulations have been a stifling force in the retail industry over the past two years. In what ways has CMS Prime managed to weather this trend and stay ahead of the competition?
We understand that regulations have been the talking point recently given the restrictions imposed by various regulators.
We welcome the regulatory changes which would bring more transparency in the market and would yield in stronger customer assurances about the industry.
We give a lot of emphasis on education and constantly update our clients and try and convince them about the benefits of a stronger regulation which actually benefits them by minimizing the risk taken by clients and brokers alike while trading.
Our clients appreciate our inputs and realize that we as a broker are looking towards the clients well being and any steps taken are better for the clients.
Do you foresee any new developments, offerings, etc. in the pipeline at CMS Prime for next year?
CMS Prime has always given a lot of importance towards innovation whether it is in marketing, product development or technology.
We are looking at expanding our client base in Africa and Eastern Europe by setting up offices there. We are also going to introduce different Equities as a lot of clients have shown interest in that.
From the technology perspective, we are upgrading our entire technology into a more robust one. We are integrating our technology with other technology providers so that clients have a seamless trading infrastructure.

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