dxFeeds Partners with TensorCharts for CME Data

subsidiary dxFeed said on Wednesday that it is partnering with TensorCharts to provide data from Level 2 of the CME data bundle, which includes information from CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX.
The new platform – which is called dxFeed TensorCharts – allows day traders, professional investors, and wealth-managers to see the actions of market makers, as well as price development processes.

“At dxFeed, our primary goal is to provide the financial trading community with low-latency data of the highest quality,” said dxFeed CEO Oleg Solodukhin. “Previously, market depth was only affordable for institutional players.
“Thanks to our collaboration with TensorCharts, well-known for their intuitive UI and exceptional customer service, market depth is now affordable to a wider audience.”
Going multi-asset
Originally aimed at cryptocurrency traders, TensorCharts partnership with dxFeed marks the beginning of its expansion into providing a multi-asset service.
Users of the site can now access CME data covering indices, metals, currencies and equities.
“We are happy to deliver CME markets data feeds to our growing user base,” said TensorMarkets partner Tomas Mirzajev.
“Thanks to dxFeed, TensorCharts matured to complex solution for traders with broad markets coverage. Our team is keen to bring institutional-grade tools to wider audience and to define new standards of real-time trading data visualization.”

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