Goldman Sachs Selects QuantHouse to Distribute SIGMA X Data

QuantHouse, , announced this Tuesday that it has been selected by Goldman Sachs to improve the market data distribution from its SIGMA X multilateral trading facility (MTF) European platform.
Operated by , SIGMA X MTF offers liquidity on the basis of non-discretionary crossing, with flow from both external participants as well as the Goldman Sachs franchise.

Under the agreement, market data from SIGMA X MTF will be accessible from within the store, available as part of QuantFEED, which distributes market data for more than 150 feeds.
SIGMA X MTF’s Periodic Auction Book publishes indicative auction quotes. The MTF has the second-largest periodic auction book in Europe in regards to the volume traded, the statement released today said.
This market data is now available via the QuantHouse API. This information can help market participants to identify auctions, as well as reveal potential untapped and addressable liquidity.
QuantHouse acts like “Netflix” for data

Stephane Leroy, co-founder of QuantHouse
Source: LinkedIn
Commenting on the partnership, Stephane Leroy, Chief Revenue Officer and business co-Founder, QuantHouse said: “QuantHouse is constantly monitoring the market for new API-based providers to improve and enrich the scope of the offering within our qh API Ecosystem store.
“Our store acts more and more as a “Netflix kind of” portal for the API user community to source advance solutions. We are happy to now offer Goldman Sachs’ SIGMA X MTF market data to our client base across the globe.” 
The partnership between Goldman Sachs and QuantHouse goes both ways, by enhancing the banking giant’s MTF data distribution, whilst at the same time, increases the scope of venues and data available to QuantHouse’s community.
Paul Brennan, COO of SIGMA X MTF
Source: LinkedIn
“SIGMA X MTF continues to meet the needs of our clients as transparency develops in the equities landscape post-MiFID II,” added Paul Brennan, Chief Operating Officer SIGMA X MTF at Goldman Sachs.
“We are pleased to work with QuantHouse to offer broad-based distribution of our market data via the qh API Ecosystem store. We think the QuantHouse community will benefit from accessing SIGMA X MTF market data, offering the opportunity to identify high quality liquidity to help improve trading and execution outcomes.”

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