Facebook Hires FS Vector to Lobby for Libra in Washington

Social media giant Facebook has hired another lobbying company to pave its way to launch Libra by influencing the US lawmakers.
According to O’Dwyer report on Monday, the California-headquartered company retained consulting firm FS Vector to support “issues related to blockchain policy.” The appointment of the lobbying company was revealed by the registration documents filed by Facebook with Congress.

Washington-based FS Vector specializes in handling issues with regulatory compliance, public policy, and business strategy for fintech companies. The firm is also served various cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.
The report also detailed that John Collins, a partner at FS Vector, will lead Facebook’s account for the lobbying firm. Collins previously worked at the crypto exchange Coinbase as its head of policy and also served as vice president of international policy at the American Bankers Association’s international subsidiary.
Solid efforts to bring lawmakers in favor
This recent hire confirms the social media company’s desperation to influence the Washington-based lawmakers, most of whom are hostile towards its digital currency project.
Earlier this month, Facebook also , a former aide to US Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), to lobby for Libra in the capital. Sen. Crapo is the co-chair of the committee which conducted a hearing on the concerns over the privacy issues of Libra.
Politico earlier reported that Facebook already spent $7.5 million on its Washington lobby groups this year and is now working with at least seven lobbyists for Libra including Sternhell Group, the Cypress Group, and the law firm Davis Polk.
Despite Facebook’s push to turn the tables in favor of Libra, the lawmakers are still not convinced with the crypto project. Recently a delegation of US lawmakers who discussed concerns over Libra with Swiss regulators revealed that the with the project.
Meanwhile, in the European Union, Facebook is reportedly for its unfair advantages in the payments industry with Libra. With all the regulatory setbacks, multiple partners of the Libra Association are now .

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