B2BX Exchange Still Down After AWS Incident

Five days after an outage at an Amazon server in Asia, some cryptocurrency exchanges are still experiencing problems.
B2BX Exchange, , has now been out of action for five days.

“We are kindly informing you that B2BX Exchange has temporarily suspended trading service due to Amazon Web Services (AWS) outages, that happened on Aug 23rd, 2019,” the exchange said in a statement.
“Current issues caused abnormal trading activity on several high-rated exchanges like Binance, KuCoin and Bitmax as well.”
Finance Magnates contacted the exchange for comment but only received the same message written above. The exchange added that it was hoping to relaunch operations on Tuesday.
Amazon dependency
The problems with the exchange stem from a problem with an AWS server in Tokyo.
After the crash, some traders on cryptocurrency exchanges were able to buy Bitcoin for as low as $1. On Tuesday, one Bitcoin was trading for $10,126.
Users at some exchanges were also prevented from withdrawing or depositing funds into their account.
Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin noted that its servers in Tokyo had overheated, leading to problems for its exchange users.
The incident highlighted the dependency that many cryptocurrency exchanges have on Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure – something that some have said runs contrary to the philosophy of decentralisation that is espoused by many in the crypto markets.

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