China CISI Taps Bloomberg’s Buy-Side Solutions

China Industrial Securities International Financial Group (CISI) has adopted Bloomberg’s buy-side platform, to help it analyse and monitor investment performance as the company grows its activities.
With more than HKD 109.4 billion in brokerage clients assets, the Hong Kong-based company offers a wide range of product solutions across a diverse range of asset classes. CISI principally provides financial services and its brokerage segment is engaged in securities, futures and options, and insurance business.

Ranked 4th among , CISI adopted Bloomberg’s full suite of buy-side solutions, including order management system, transaction cost analysis, liquidity assessment and Bloomberg Vault.
These buy-side solutions will enhance CISI investment operations, which originated from the securities business unit of Fujian Industrial Bank, whilst helps the group navigate global regulatory requirements.
SFC sharpens teeth for asset managers
These areas have been key concerns for asset managers as Hong Kong regulator has recently made  its top enforcement priority. Other key tasks include battling insider dealing and market manipulation, intermediary money-laundering, and .
CISI uses AIM to manage its multi-asset portfolios, BTCA for transaction cost analysis and Bloomberg LQA to evaluate market liquidity across multiple asset classes using a data driven approach. Bloomberg AIM is already used by over 900 asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies.
Pan Li, Head of Asset Management at China Industrial Securities International Financial Group commented: “As we navigate a complex financial landscape, Bloomberg remains our technology partner of choice. We believe that their advanced technology will help us differentiate our offering and attract new clients globally.”
“The buy-side firm of today requires agility to succeed and our suite of solutions enables them to generate alpha, develop and service clients, operate efficiently and grow profits in the face of change. We are proud to deliver a single compliant workflow, embedding transparency across their entire enterprise and investment lifecycle,” added Norman Tweeboom, Asia Pacific Head of Buy-side Enterprise at Bloomberg.

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