bitFlyer Adds Ethereum to Its Buy/Sell Platform

Japanese crypto exchange bitFlyer’s European and American subsidiaries on Friday announced the addition Ethereum to their buy/sell trading platform.
It is the second digital currency on the platform as launched the service in July offering Bitcoin.

As , the new service of the overseas subsidiaries is an extension to its already existing pro-traders services, called Lightning. With it, the exchange is targeting “beginners” as well as “experienced traders” who are willing to invest in the original digital asset.
“At bitFlyer, we want to offer not just the most popular coins, but the most respected ones too, which makes ETH a logical choice to expand our service offering. Not only has ETH proved itself as a useful altcoin, particularly in relation to smart contracts, it has an incredibly strong community that surrounds it,” Andy Bryant, co-head and COO of bitFlyer Europe, said.
“We’re committed to offering the best customer experience whilst prioritizing security and regulatory standards, and we’re proud to say Buy/Sell now offers this capability with ETH.”
Taping the lucrative foreign markets
bitFlyer extended its reach to the international markets in November 2017 with the launch of its American subsidiary, followed by the launch of its European subsidiary in January 2018. The exchange also obtained BitLicense from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) to offer pan-American service.
“As crypto regulation is evolving, we work to ensure that everything listed on our exchange complies with the global regulatory standards. We’re excited for today’s announcement, adding Ether to our growing portfolio of coins with NYDFS approval, and we’re looking forward to launching more coins in the coming months,” Hailey Lennon, head of legal and regulatory affairs at bitFlyer USA, added.
Meanwhile, a new report by CryptoCompare revealed that as much as comes from “low-quality exchanges.”

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