ChromaWay Partners with Workinman on Blockchain Games

Stockholm-headquartered technology company ChromaWay AB has expanded its offering with the roll out of a new games unit that aims to explore one of the most lucrative blockchain-powered industries, Finance Magnets has learned.
Dubbed ‘Chromia Studios,’ the new initiative leverages blockchain’s inherent ability to effectively store user information, which has proven useful in a myriad of other industries, to shape the future of entertainment.

ChromaWay also taps into its public , which the company says it enables decentralized applications to scale beyond what’s currently available. It believes that creating games on Chromia through its dedicated game studio shows the scalability of the platform’s relational blockchain.
“Chromia is built for high performance public apps that operate at scale, like games. The gaming industry has always embraced cutting edge technology,” said Henrik Hjelte, CEO of ChromaWay.
ChromaWay is cooperating Workinman Interactive
For those who came in late, and currently works with both the public and the private sectors, mainly around real estate and finance.
The brainchild of is cooperating Workinman Interactive, which specializes in game design, prototyping, and other services for brands looking to develop games technology. Workinman is making also interactive toys for titans of the entertainment industry like Disney, Nickelodeon, Atari, Paramount and Shockwave.
As revealed exclusively to Finance Magnates, the first release of this combined effort will be a mining game called ‘Mines of Falunia,’ which is expected to launch before the end of 2019.  The game encompasses the elements of economics and digital asset ownership while replaces in-game transactions with payment features, and uses the Chromia platform to serve the content on the chain.
ChromaWay added that other are already in the pipeline and expects to be more sophisticated and community-driven as it develops the offering thanks to the knowledge gained from the early access game.
CEO Workinman Jason Arena also states: “We are very excited to work with ChromaWay in that we can integrate Workinman Interactive’s expertise in game design, mechanics, and graphics with a robust and full featured benefits of the Chromia platform. To date blockchain games have not been able to meet the high demands of gamers for easy access, fun, and challenge while introducing blockchain features. We look forward to breaking through this barrier with Chromia Studios.”

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