Itiviti Provides Blaze Portfolio Clients with Access to NYFIX

Itiviti has announced this Tuesday that it has partnered with Chicago-based Blaze Portfolio. The agreement will allow Blaze Portfolio to provide access to Itiviti’s NYFIX suite of services to its customers.
Blaze Portfolio’s software focuses on scalable investment portfolio rebalancing and real-time trade order management technology. Under the partnership, the company will be able to provide its customers access to Itiviti’s FIX connectivity network, as well as its monitoring and execution reporting.

Itiviti’s NYFIX trading platform offers a suite of services. This includes monitoring, FIX protocol dictionary, post-trade services and more. As part of the agreement, the Chicago firm will also use NYFIX Matching.
NYFIX is an appealing product to many as it is easy to connect to almost any order management system (OMS). Without the hassle of untangling current software and replacing it with something else, NYFIX can be used by vendors to connect their clients with international customers at a much cheaper rate than would otherwise be possible.
NYFIX Matching is Itiviti’s post-trade solution that streamlines affirmation, allocation and confirmation matching services. In addition, clients of Blaze Portfolio will also have access to the financial technology provider’s Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) services.
Commenting on the collaboration, Bryson Pouw, CEO at Blaze Portfolio said: “We strive to provide our clients with the best offerings on the market. Itiviti’s NYFIX seemed like a natural, comfortable choice for us. 
“It allows us to enhance our clients’ connectivity offering with a wider choice of services and 600 brokers at their fingertips. Furthermore, we’re now able to offer Options Trading over Itiviti’s NYFIX network.”
Blaze Portfolio is the latest to select Itiviti’s NYFIX
Blaze Portfolio is one of the many buy-side service providers through Itiviti’s Alliance Program (GAP), the statement released today said.
“We’re pleased with the on-going growth and effectiveness of our NYFIX partnership model,” added Lael Wakefield, President of the Americas, Itiviti. “NYFIX allows for single sign-on access to an ever-growing suite of tools and services that provide connection monitoring, TCA, post-trade matching, and a variety of other value-added services through our portal.”

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