tZero Initiates Securities Coin Trading for Retail Investors

Overstock’s blockchain subsidiary tZero on Monday has announced that it opened up trading of its security token for retail investors through a preferred equity security token called TZROP.
The company also detailed that the token will allow both retail and professional investors to directly participate in the company’s revenue growth via a quarterly dividend model. It is considering to distribute 10 percent of the token’s adjusted gross revenue to its security token holders. The company is also planning to pay the dividend in USD along with crypto including Bitcoin and Ether.

“Following the one-year anniversary of the close of our security token offering, non-accredited investors now have the ability to purchase and trade in our security tokens. Today marks another milestone as we further democratize access so all investors, regardless of net worth, can invest in the business opportunity of a blockchain-based capital market,” Saum Noursalehi, chief executive of tZero, said.
According to the announcement, the company is offering the investment opportunity only to the account holders of Dinosaur Financial on its Pro Trading platform.
Expanding investors base
Issued on August 2018, the company initiated the trading of tZero in January this year. However, the buying and selling options were limited only to accredited investors.
In June, that the company listed the Digital Voting Series A-1 Preferred Stock on its alternative trading platform PRO Securities ATS.
It also recently for a potential technology that leverages digital signatures to record and verify market data such as related trades, executions, and settlements. The enterprise-level technology will collect data from incoming trades to use them to establish a hash at any time interval.
Moreover, to expand its trading services, tZero also for trading cryptocurrencies on its platform for both iOS and Android users.

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