Mobile-Only Broker Pipster to Cease Operations

Finance Magnates learned on Friday that is going to be shutting down.
The London-based company, which launched last year, provided a trading application for android and iPhone devices.

Operated by technology firm Finatext, Pipster was set up in conjunction with Trade – the UK division of Japanese retail broker GMO Click.
As Finance Magnates , the deal between those two companies saw Finatext providing the technology for the product, with Trade facilitating users’ access to trading services.
A self-described ‘start-up,’ Pipster appeared to be targeting a younger set of traders, with newer technology and marketing materials that were aimed at millennials.
And like BUX, another firm attempting to lure young people into the trading world, Pipster only provided users with a mobile trading application.
“External challenges”
But those efforts were seemingly in vane.
Pipster confirmed that it would be shutting down in an email sent to clients.
“We have some news to share,” said the broker. “After 2 years of Pipster, we have made the decision to close our service due to external challenges. The closure will come into effect on 30th August 2019.”
Before the shutdown takes place, the broker will, on August 15th, go into close-only mode. That will mean clients can only close orders and that they will be unable to open any new ones.
Finance Magnates reached out to Pipster in order to determine why the broker is shutting down. At the time of publication, however, no answer was forthcoming.

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