to Launch a Crypto Exchange Next Month has announced this Thursday that it will launch a cryptocurrency trading platform on September 2.
The exchange aiming to offer a user-friendly trading service, along with high liquidity, the announcement detailed.

Though the platform did not specify the exact number of coins lined for listing, it will provide trading options with popular base currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Tether.
Commenting on the upcoming exchange, Roger Ver, chief executive of, said: “We’re always working to make Bitcoin Cash and other digital assets more accessible to everyone. Back in June, we released where you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash specifically. Now, with The Exchange, you can diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio, too.”
Promoting Bitcoin Cash services
The upcoming exchange will also promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash and will support tokens based on simple ledger protocol (SLP). Traders on the platform will also be able to trade SLP-based tokens.
“We’re on the cusp of something very exciting with SLP tokens. It’s the beginning of a world where we can tokenize anything and, as people realize the potential this holds, they’re going to start demanding a place to trade their tokens. That’s why we’ll be supporting SLP tokens on The Exchange,” Ver added.
Ver created Bitcoin Cash after a controversial split of Bitcoin’s exchange. A section of the Bitcoin community was in favor of increasing the block size of Bitcoin’s blockchain to increase its efficiency, another opposed it, citing philosophical reasons. Since then, Ver became a proponent of Bitcoin Cash.
“ has been around the space for many years now and we hope that the quality products we’ve already built—our wallet, our merchant app, and so on—help to reassure users and remind them that we’re an established brand they can trust,” he added.
As crypto prices are rebounding since April, many prominent crypto-related businesses are . Most recently, leading Bitcoin wallet platform , thus expanding its offerings.

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