BTCC Expands Global Footprint with New Product

The fortunes of many crypto exchanges continue to rise and fall in 2019 with few players weathering the storm. For its part, BTCC has managed to establish itself as a pillar in the industry, growing on an international scale in new markets.
Under the reign of CEO Bobby Lee, had successfully rebranded from BTCChina back in 2015 in a bid to reach a more international audience with a larger services suite.

Since then the company has greatly expanded its scope and reach on a global scale.
Of note, the BTCC Group currently holds has ownership over the entire BTCC brand as well as its original team and company assets. By extension, Linke Yang, the original founder of BTCChina still maintains feelings about the abandoned name, having currently retained the BTCChina brand only.
At the present he holds no retainer over BTCC’s team or assets in the company, however.
Overall, the BTCC group has continued to see an upward trajectory both in terms of products and services offerings for its expanding clientele.
Back in 2018, BTCC was acquired by a Hong Kong-based blockchain investment fund.
The move has since led BTCC to focus on three main product segments, i.e. a mining pool, its Mobi bitcoin wallet, and a USD/BTC exchange service.
Subsequently, BTCC expanded its presence in one of the largest markets in the United Kingdom, helping drive its exchange volumes.
This culminated in the launch of its crypto contract trading platform earlier this year 2019, which broke out above $1 billion in terms of daily trading volumes.
As BTCC is the world’s longest-running crypto exchange, the group has decided to cut its business scope to concentrate on derivatives trading, such as CFD contracts of BTC, ETH, etc.
BTCC continues attracting clients with new product segment
In an increasingly competitive market, BTCC has managed to stay above others by innovation and an evolving product suite. This includes the launch of its Crypto Contract trading App, which is now available via the .
BTCC offers users unrivaled top-end liquidity. More specifically, the BTCC contract provides strong market depth, meaning that as long as there is a price, all transactions will be fully completed at the best price.
The group has always emphasized transparency. This is reflective in its ongoing efforts to promote market fairness. BTCC’s contract index is engineered and generated to include weighted prices of eight leading crypto trading exchanges.
Most importantly, the price is transparent and immune to any third-party attempts of manipulation. In addition, BTCC also has deployed a zero clawback rate, while users’ profit will be unaffected by others’ unfilled liquidation order.
What this means is that the group relies on top risk control systems to protect its user’ profit. Upwards of tens of thousands of BTC are reserved as a risk insurance fund, facilitating some of the safest trading available on the market.
BTCC has always led the way in innovation as well and 2019 has been no exception. The group is the first to add spot delivery to its perpetual contract to help enable users to choose either cash or spot delivery.
Finally, a professional trading system and analysis tool suite is also utilized by BTCC, with capabilities for flexible margin trading (5x, 20x, and 100x). Individuals can familiarize themselves with BTCC’s robust offering and .
Chinese crypto exchanges have always been at the forefront of innovation. As one of the biggest household names in the industry BTCC stands to reassert its dominance in the market with its new contract trading product.
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