Axioma Teams Up with OpenFin on Buy-Side User Experience

Financial markets operating systems vendor, OpenFin, ‎today announced that it has provided , a provider of risk solutions for buy-side ‎institutions, with its technology to help the company deploy and deliver its application within an enhanced desktop user experience.
Building on will enable Axioma’s axiomaBlueTM solution to benefit from front and back-end optimization to user experience and app deployment, while ensuring interoperability between applications and existing workflows. And by enabling axiomaBlue to run on the OpenFin operating system, ‎the joint integration makes it easy for their mutual customers to unify the Axioma’s experience ‎with other OpenFin-based apps.

In addition, Axioma clients will be able to integrate third-party vendor applications already deployed on the into their workflows, cutting down on the time and cost involved in technology updates usually required by independent desktop applications.
Enabling buy-side app interoperability
Leveraging Axioma’s dashboard also enables OpenFin’s clients to integrate the axiomaBlue module using a common language that allows other desktop applications to communicate with one another.
Set up in 2010, OpenFin has grown to serve more than 45 of the world’s largest banks and trading platforms including BNP ‎Paribas, Citigroup, HSBC, ICAP, JP Morgan and RBS, ‎which now use OpenFin to deploy applications both in-‎house and to over 250 buy-side and over 40 sell-side ‎customers.‎ OpenFin OS is also licensed across more than 125,000 desktops and is used to ‎deploy hundreds of applications to over 1500 major banks and buy-side firms.
Commenting on the news, Fabien Couderc, chief strategy officer at Axioma said: “This strategic partnership is the first step in what will be a transformative journey for Axioma as we aim to facilitate a straightforward user experience between our company and partners. Now, with OpenFin’s ecosystem providing a wide range of potential partnerships for integration with axiomaBlue, we will be able to leverage interactions between our own software services and enable consistency across our entire portfolio management interface.”
Adam Toms, CEO of OpenFin Europe, added: “OpenFin will enable Axioma users to streamline workflows in a multi-window environment. In addition, the ecosystem of firms already deploying on OpenFin can now explore new partnerships for integrations via axiomaBlue. The customizable user experience, along with the speed and seamlessness of app deployment through OpenFin, is something portfolio managers have never experienced before.”

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