Exclusive: Trade.com Expands to Germany with New Frankfurt Office

Retail told Finance Magnates on Tuesday that it has opened a new office in Germany.
Alongside a regulatory license and its headquarters in Cyprus, the group already has offices – and regulatory licences – in the UK and South Africa.

The group’s new German office is based in Frankfurt, the country’s main financial hub.
The new base of operations will provide services more suited to the needs of local traders.
That means support services, whether its account opening or trading problems, can be provided by locals in a language that Trade.com’s customers understand.
“Local presence is key”
Trade.com told Finance Magnates that its new Frankfurt office will help to create a tailored trading experience for its German clients, with accounts suited to their needs.
“With Germany being one of the largest European markets in CFDs and attracting an ever-increasing flow of sophisticated traders, a local presence is key,” said Roei Gavish, Trade.com’s chief executive officer.
“We aim to become more accessible to the German market by creating a meeting point and safe trading environment for local traders”.
The group also highlighted its German-oriented contracts-for-difference (CFDs), which include stocks in Deutsche Bank, Daimler and Commerzbank, and will be providing live trading seminars in German. What’s more, the company is also preparing to launch a series of new products, including thematic portfolios.
“Customer service is at the heart of all our decisions,” added Gavish.
“We want to position Trade.com as a leading brand, by offering a full 360 solution and even more sophisticated trading options to our clients. Our German expansion is just the beginning.”

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