Catena Technologies to Deploy SFTR Reporting Platform to REGIS-TR

One of the leading regulatory reporting technology providers, Catena Technologies has announced the completion of a preliminary phase of testing of its platform via the REGIS-TR repository. The test included Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) reporting.
Catena and REGIS-TR are partnering together to deliver to their clients an integrated regulatory reporting solution for their SFTR reporting obligations. All submissions will be processed through the required ISO 20022 format.

EMIR Reporting
Aside from SFTR, the companies will support OTC derivatives transactions for EMIR reporting.
The solutions are based on Catena’s TRACE Reporting software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. The product manages a wide range of functional requirements for trade reporting.
From cross-asset multi-jurisdiction determination, valuation and collateral reporting, to pre-submission validation and reconciliation, the software suite is supporting a multitude of use cases. The platform works together with trade repositories to accurately submit data to regulators on securities financing and derivatives transactions.
Commenting on the partnership between Catena and REGIS-TR, the Head of Business Development and Product Management of the company said that the firm’s extensive trade repository services are well coupled with Catena’s trade reporting platform.
SFTR Regulation
Reporting of SFTR transactions is going to get enforced after about a year. Companies have to implement their regulatory reporting solutions before the 11th of April 2020. Both financial and non-financial firms are subjected to reporting securities financing transactions to an EU-registered and approved trade repository on a T+1 basis.
While banks and investment firms are immediately subjected to the reporting requirement next April, buy-side firms will fall under the regulation in October 2020. Non-financial corporations will need to start their reporting in January 2021.
“By providing customers and partners with access to their trade repository now, REGIS-TR has enabled them to perform format validation testing early. This capability aligns well with Catena’s agile development approach and continuous delivery strategy. We look forward to working closely with REGIS-TR to help customers fulfill their SFTR reporting obligations,” elaborated the Chief Executive Officer of Catena Technologies, Aaron Hallmark.

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