Tradeview Launches Simplified Automated Trading Solution

Retail announced the release of a new piece of technology this Friday.
Called ‘Trade Builder,’ it was built in conjunction with Capitalise – a financial technology company.

According to Tradeview, the new technology allows users to easily create automated trading strategies.
Significantly, it is also integrated with MetaTrader 4, that most ubiquitous of retail trading platforms.
“We are very pleased to be the first MT4 broker to offer this service,” said Adam Saward, Tradeview’s head of UK business development.
“Tradeview have always looked to reinvest in the latest technology in order to give our clients the best trading conditions possible and we feel this product is going to be a game changer for our clients.”
Type and go
Currently, it is possible to create automated trading strategies. The process, however, is often irksome in its complexity.
Using Trade Builder should, Tradeview says, simplify things.
Retail traders at the broker can simply type in what order they want to make, and the firm’s technology automatically creates a piece of code that will place that order.
Orders are limited to ‘if,’ ‘and,’ ‘or’ commands – though it’s difficult to think of many other orders that could be placed.
For example, if someone wanted to create a sell order they could type something like; ‘sell BTC if the price hits a new week high.’
The new solution also allows users to backtest their trading strategies, meaning they can test an idea without having to wait for it to play out on the live market.
Tradeview also said it plans on adding technical signals, including President Trump’s tweets, for traders to use in their trading strategy.
So, while the president tweets about NO COLLUSION! Tradeview’s clients can hope for NO MARGIN CALL!

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