IOTA Foundation Follows Other Cryptos, Launches IOTA Academy

The, the non-profit arm of the ecosystem, has launched the IOTA Academy. The Academy is the foundation’s “first international IOTA academy program in close cooperation with the IOT1 Academy, a deep tech academy based in Berlin and Shanghai,” explains a by the Foundation.

Announcing the IOTA academy, our first international IOTA academy program in close cooperation with the IOT1 Academy. Learn more and get discounted pricing for signing up today and for those who qualify:

— IOTA (@iotatoken)

Much of the Academy’s educational materials can be purchased online: “the IOTA Foundation offers a selection of online trainings as well as blended trainings for coders & developers,” the blog post reads. A number of additional materials for “non-coders” (i.e., “blockchain enthusiasts, futurists, and students, but also corporate project managers, concepters and c-level managers”) will be added to the selection over the next several weeks.
The Academy also offers the opportunity for its students to earn an IOTA Developer Certification, a certificate of achievement that requires the completion of a “written and oral assessment, carried out by members of the IOTA Foundation.”
”An investment into IOTA Education… will be of great benefit for corporates, engineers and developers”
The IOTA Foundation seems to believe that the launch of the Academy will eventually lead to greater adoption of the IOTA network into the Internet of Things. “We believe [that] an investment into IOTA Education, as well as acquiring deep knowledge in short time, will be of great benefit for corporates, engineers and developers to actively shape the upcoming IoT, Machine-to-Machine ecosystems,” said Holger Köther, Director of Partner Management at the IOTA Foundation.
In launching its Academy, IOTA is joining the ranks of a number of cryptocurrencies that have launched educational initiatives in various capacities over the last several years, including and .
It’s been a rather quiet year for IOTA. The cryptocurrency received quite a bit of attention for collaborations that were formed between itself and a number of high-profile companies, as well as a partnership with the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC).
Although it may not have made headlines in quite some time, the cryptocurrency’s team appear to be continuing to work to expand its internal operations and global presence. is currently finishing up a round of three meetups spread across the US; last week, blockchain investor Dan Simerman joined the IOTA Foundation.

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