Coinsquare Adds Stellar Lumens to Crypto Trading Platform

Canada’s Coinsquare has added a new coin to its cryptocurrency trading platform – XLM, the company announced this Thursday. Commonly referred to as is the first coin from the global payment system Stellar.
The XLM cryptocurrency powers the Stellar payment network, which aims to facilitate the transfer of funds instantly around the world by connecting banks, payment systems, and individuals quickly.

The addition of XLM on for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies brings the total coins offered on Coinsquare to 10.

Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare
Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare, commented on the addition by saying: “Coinsquare aims to offer convenient and safe access to the highest-quality cryptocurrencies through its platform.
“XLM has been a highly requested asset which we are thrilled to now be offering our customers. Since launching XRP back in August 2018, we promised we would continue to deliver on improving our digital currency offering on Coinsquare.
“The launch of XLM showcases to the Canadian market that we are continuing to invest in our offering, while maintaining our commitment to being the safest, most trusted platform for digital currency trading in Canada.”
Coinsquare Will Not De-list Bitcoin SV
Also in today’s statement, the CEO of the digital asset platform commented on the current situation with Bitcoin SV (BSV). In case you’re not aware, the cryptocurrency has , as well as the creator of the asset, Craig Wright, who has been threatening top figures in the crypto space with defamation lawsuits regarding his claim of being Satoshi Nakomoto.
As a result, BSV has been such as Binance, Kraken, and ShapeShift. The CEO of Binance even went as far as to say the Wright is a fraud.
Coinsquare, however, stated today that it has decided to take a different approach to these top exchanges and won’t be de-listing the digital asset.
“While every digital asset trading platform has the right to play politics and express their own judgement on coins, we only engage in the latter. Coinsquare will not be delisting BSV,” added Diamond.

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