FlexTrade Extends Goldman Sachs Service Offering

Trading announced today that it is going to be expanding its work with Goldman Sachs.
This is not the first time that the companies have worked together. In fact, FlexTrade has been providing the investment bank with its execution management system – FlexTRADER – for some time.

The technology company said that it will be working with the investment banking giant to strengthen its indication of interest (IOI) liquidity offering.
“As our franchise growth affords us the opportunity to send increasing amounts of targeted, actionable natural liquidity to clients, solving for the best workflow solutions is a natural next step,” said Danny Mallinson, Head of EMEA Equity Execution Services at Goldman Sachs.
Direct from the blotter
Mallinson’s firm will now have IOI profiling and analysis capabilities added to its existing systems.
Customers of the investment bank will also be able to action IOI liquidity directly from the trading blotter.
The blotter will also display how much of an order can be completed using Goldman Sachs’ actionable liquidity.
“Taking multiple factors into account, including AFME classification, traders can now easily differentiate between risk and principal, and systematically highlight the IOIs that are most relevant at the point of execution,” said Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade UK.

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