Crypto Firm Onchain Custodian to Work with Swathe of VC Firms

Onchain Custodian, a , announced on Tuesday that it has begun onboarding customers.
The company, which is backed by several companies, including Google investors Sequoia Capital and Chinese conglomerate Fosun, launched two weeks ago in Singapore.

Following that event, the Ontology Foundation, a blockchain technology company, said that it would be using Onchain Custodian’s services.
And now, with the Easter weekend behind us, the custodial services provider has announced an array of partnerships.
Most of the firm’s new customers, including Tembusu Partners, Pre Angel, JD Capital, Fission Capital and Frees Fund, operate in the investment management sector.
“As a leading private equity firm with deep roots in Emerging Asia, Tembusu holds digital asset investments that we want to be safe and properly managed,” said Mr. Pak Lum Mock – a managing partner at Tembusu Partners.
“We trust that Onchain Custodian, with its strong Asia Pacific footprint, will offer us the personalised service we are looking for.”
Industry associations
Alongside its new business relationships, Onchain Custodian also pledged to work with industry groups operating in the blockchain ecosystem.
More specifically, the company said that it will be working alongside the Distributed Regtech Collaboration Platform, the Malaysia Blockchain Association and the Digital Exchange Association.
“Best practices around digital asset custody are critical to the future of this industry,” said Onchain Custodian’s chief executive officer, Alexandre Kech.
“We are committed to work with customers but also [industry] associations….to build the global standard for digital asset custody.”
To round off its series of announcements, Kech’s firm also said that they will be working with technology firm Accuity to make sure they adhere to anti-money laundering compliance procedures.

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