Exablaze and Algo-Logic Partner to Provide Low-Latency Solutions

Two fintech firms announced a new partnership this Tuesday.
Exablaze and will be working together to provide solutions and products that allow firms to engage in ultra-low latency trading.

The deal came about after senior executives at one firm asked Algo-Logic to build applications for a platform that had been built by Exablaze.
“We are delighted to enter into this partnership and to see the hugely positive impact it will have on the businesses that utilise our respective expertise,” said Matthew Grosvenor, Vice President of Technology at Exablaze.
“Algo-Logic is an excellent choice of partner because of their expertise in developing FPGA-based, ultra-low latency trading applications.”
Skills that complement each another
Currently, Exablaze provides network cards and switches to trading firms.
These can be developed and customised by those firms so that they are tailored to the their trading needs.
That may sound simple but it’s not. Customising network cards and switches requires specific knowledge of complex hardware programming.
The new deal with Algo-Logic should simply matters.
Based in San Jose, the tech company will be working with firms to modify any hardware that they have purchased from Exablaze.
Thus, the partnership will see Exablaze’s clients benefitting from the Algo-Logic team’s ability to build complex trading systems.
At the same time, Algo-Logic’s existing customers will have easier access to the set of hardware and network products that Exablaze offers.
“Exablaze has a….range of platforms, which offer many of the features we look for in an FPGA platform to support our current implementations and to give us the elements we need for our innovative future products,” said John Lockwood, Algo-Logic’s chief executive officer.
“The strong cooperation between [our firms] provides trading companies with the lowest latency with a rapid time-to-market.”

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