Tron and Ethereum Might ‘Officially Collaborate’, Justin Sun Reveals

The Tron founder and CEO has recently revealed the possibility of a partnership between Tron and Ethereum.
While speaking to Rachel Wolfson aka the Crypto Chick, on a podcast, Justin Sun was more focused on detailing the . However, when asked, he also addressed the prospect of a collaboration with the smart contract leader.

“First of all, everybody knows that Tron and Ethereum compete in the Dapp [sector], for sure. But I think definitely that this competition will result in a better product – the competition between Ethereum and Tron benefits the whole industry,” Sun stated.
Though originally as an ERC-20 token, Tron migrated to its. Sun earlier claimed that Tron’s blockchain is significantly faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Etheum’s network.
This battle between the two prominent figures of the blockchain industry continued for dominance in the blockchain space.
Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder, was recently taking twitter for making sarcastic remarks on Tron.

Toward a brighter tomorrow.

— Vitalik Non-giver of Ether (@VitalikButerin)

“In terms of the comments he made recently, and the picture: Right now, I’m actually into love – the true love, and the brotherhood of the industry. So I think that in the future we will even collaborate with lots of the Ethereum developers, and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before if we make the industry better,” Sun added.
Upcoming USDT on Tron
On the podcast, Sun also elaborated the upcoming USDT on Tron which is scheduled for launch on 9th April.

Demand for – is tremendous across the world!

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron)

“The stablecoin is the most important thing when we come to the infrastructure and the whole industry. I think this partnership means to the industry that in the future the USDT will be more reliable, faster and cheaper,” Sun added.

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