Collaboration First: Chris Papageorgiou on Swiss Markets’ Partners-First Approach

Partnerships are a fundamental part of any broker’s business, as they help increase exposure – a key component of any business strategy. When it comes to the forex trading industry, relationship building is central to operations and successful partnerships often account for a considerable part of a broker’s revenue stream.
Following a successful 2018, marked by high partners activity and record trading volumes, Swiss Markets commits entirely to a culture of partnership, creating a business model to align to their vision: Growing as a partner-focused company whose success would stem from a culture of transparency, integrity and trust.

Moving into 2019 Swiss Markets Director of Operations, Chris Papageorgiou reveals the company’s expansion plans and its future strategy with regards to its partnerships and institutional solutions.
Addressing the Needs of the Market
As Chris notes, Swiss Markets current Partners’ strategy features a 360°solution that is based on its partners day-to-day needs.
“Nowadays trust is the number one factor in forex partnerships, especially following last year’s regulatory changes that forced brokers to look for alternative markets, which in turn came with new risks and increased marketing and branding efforts.”
“Being a multi-regulated broker with more than 6 years of experience in the industry, Swiss Markets maintains a strong market foothold, enabling its partners to benefit from working with a trusted broker, with a solid reputation. We further offer an unparalleled range of custom compensation packages, which are backed by a highly skilled team.”
“Swiss Markets set its strategy based on its partner’s needs, our ultimate goal is to address the gaps in the market, invest in what truly matters for our partners, ensure timely payments through a wide range of payment options, as well as offer dedicated multilingual support and call-centers that are 100% aligned to meet partners conversion goals.  We further provide added support through our local offices and international seminars; in 2018 we’ve attributed great importance to hosting a series of free forex seminars, multi-level trading workshops and exclusive educational events in different locations including the UK, Italy, Spain, UAE and Indonesia among others.”
Valuing & Rewarding our Partners
As Chris adds, Swiss Markets maintains a culture of collaboration and ongoing communication when it comes to partner relations: “We greatly value our partner relationships and we are constantly striving to improve the products and tools available to them. Being able to offer a transparent product, low spreads to meet traders’ needs, as well as custom solutions for our partners, helped us solidify our position in the forex partnership industry.”

Chris Papageorgiou, Director of Operations of Swiss Markets
“We also want to expand further in South-East Asia and we are planning to inaugurate bigger offices in Kuala Lumpur by the end of 2019 Q1, so that we are able to accommodate our growing teams.  Finally, we are pleased to announce the launch of 2019 Swiss Markets IB Competition for new and existing introducing brokers. Our IB competition will begin in February and aims to reward our most performing partners on top of their commission, thus we invite all interested parties to contact us for more information.”
Investing in Institutional Expansion
Apart from its Partners’ Programs, Swiss Markets offers a complete White Label Institutional solution featuring customisable resources, white-label solutions, in addition to liquidity and competitive trading conditions that enable third party institutional partners to accomplish their business objectives.
According to Chris, Swiss Markets’ White Label suite includes anything from platform and system implementation, to long standing liquidity tools, ready call-centers, conversion teams and a transparent trading model based on straight through processing.
With a multitude of licenses, Swiss Markets is also able offer third party brokers and partners the flexibility to operate under different jurisdictions. What is more, in 2018, Swiss Markets announced the launch of its, a cryptocurrency liquidity B2B service that enables third party brokers to tap into deep liquidity on leading cryptocurrencies and expand their CFD offering. 
Looking to the Future
Swiss Markets has admittedly taken many important steps in the institutional space and offers a very optimistic outlook for 2019. As part of its efforts to expand to new and emerging markets, the broker plans to double its business developer teams as well as inaugurate bigger offices in Kuala Lumpur before the end Q1.
Swiss Market’s 2019 objectives also include refining its institutional solutions, bolstering its Partners Programs and strengthening its product and services suite in the year to come.

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