Monex Group’s Profits Rise on Yearly Basis in 2017, Crypto Lab Launched

Monex Group has reported its latest financial statistics for Q3 of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018. This includes the group’s latest financials for the first nine months of the year, which saw slight a growth in revenues and other segments.

2017 was largely characterized as a mixed year for brokerages, with episodic pockets of volatility hurting trading figures. Many Japanese brokerages felt this pinch, with Monex Group’s figures and financials mostly on par with the rest of the industry. In terms of the first nine months of the fiscal year (between April 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017), Monex’s total revenue was reported at ¥38.89 billion ($357.8 million).

Over this same period, the brokerage group saw a total profit of ¥4.55 billion ($41.9 million). This however constituted a slight decline off of the previous year. For example, Monex’s total revenue over the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018 came in 8.2 percent higher on a yearly basis from ¥35.91 billion ($330.0 million).

During this period, net trading income proved to be another bright spot on a year-over-year basis, rising by a margin of 19.0 percent. This included a jump from ¥3.44 billion ($31.6 million) from ¥2.89 billion ($26.5 million) for the previous year. Other revenues and income segments all lagged behind their 2016 counterparts over this period.

Profits over the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018 were pointed higher relative to the year prior. Monex’s nine-month profit reached ¥4.55 billion ($41.9 million), which easily surpassed ¥303.0 million ($2.8 million) in the year prior. This was attributed mostly to a differential of expenses that were by and large lower in 2017.

The profit rise was also captured via Monex’s earnings per share on a diluted basis in 2017. In particular, the group reported a figure of ¥16.78 ($0.15) per share, up from just ¥1.42 ($0.013) in the year prior.

Of particular note, the group during this period revealed its plans to enter the cryptocurrency space. Cryptos have remained one of the most popular tradable instruments heading into 2018. This has resulted in the preparation of Monex, Inc. and recently established Monex Crypto Bank, Inc. to launch a new crypto exchange business.

Monex Cryptocurrency Laboratory was launched today and will reportedly be led by Nana Otsuki (Chief Analyst at Monex, Inc.), with an aim of providing streamlined access to cryptos. The development should help continue to drive the group’s profits with demand continuing to operate at peak levels in 2018. Otsuki currently works as an Executive Director, and Chief Analyst, and Head of Monex University at Monex, Inc., Monex Group’s subsidiary.

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