SIX Swiss Exchange Sees Record ETF Turnover in Q1

SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, again saw a sustained uptick in its exchange-traded-fund (ETF) turnover. After setting a record in 2016, it continued to see an increasing demand and volumes for ETFs in Q1 2017, according to the group’s latest quarterly publication.

During Q1 2017, SIX’s ETF volume jumped to $33.4 billion (CHF 33.1 billion), a jump of 8.2 percent quarter-over-quarter from $30.9 billion (CHF 30.6 billion) in Q4 2017. The latest reading is an all-time high, indicative of a growing trend of ETF trading in Switzerland, which has also been evident in the rest of Europe and the US.

Relative to last year, Q1 2017’s ETF reading was significantly higher, rising by 30.8 percent year-over-year from $25.5 billion (CHF 25.3 billion) in Q1 2016. If this trend holds, SIX Swiss Exchange would be on track for $133.5 billion (CHF 132.3 billion) in ETF turnover in 2017, which not only would be an all-time high but 27.5 percent higher than the year prior.

During Q1 2017, a total of 279,623 transactions were carried out in the ETF segment of SIX Swiss Exchange. On average, the transaction size amounted to $119,383 (CHF 118,297), constituting a tepid rise from Q4 2016. SIX also saw a total of 16 new listings in Q1 2017.

Looking at market specifics, the two biggest areas of ETF turnover in Q1 2017 were Equity developed markets (48.2 percent) and fixed income (23.4 percent). These segments have been on the uptick since Q4 2016, with fixed income in particular being a strong performer across most exchanges worldwide.

The entire ETF quarterly publication at SIX can be accessed in full by the .

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