Colt Opens New PoP in Marseille MRS1, Linking to Europe, Africa

Colt Technology Services, a provider of network and communications services for trading groups, has launched a new point of presence (PoP) in Interxion’s Marseille MRS1 data center, part of its latest attempt to strengthen its connectivity globally, according to a Colt statement.

MRS1 represents an important hub for a variety of venues, including those in the financial services industry, carriers, and other groups. The data center is strategically located at a juncture that feeds undersea cables from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East at its facility.

Pent up demand

Colt opted to link up with the data center given the IP traffic growth projected to the Middle East and Africa region over the next few years, which is estimated to grow by a factor of six by 2020. The latest integration and opening of the center is also a response to growing customer demand for both point-to-point and geographically diverse high bandwidth transit between Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

The data center also added two new cables, Sea-Me-We-5 and AAE1, which are already buying backhaul capacity from Marseille to cities across Europe, including marquee financial hubs such as Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and Paris, among others. Interestingly, all of these locations have been or are currently contemplated as the next banking capital in Europe following the Brexit of operations.

According to Tim Passingham, Vice President, Wholesale at Colt, in a statement on the new data center: “Our second Marseille PoP delivers on our customers’ diverse and growing need for connectivity to an unparalleled selection of connected data centres and buildings.”

“Marseille is an important landing station for a large number of key subsea cables, making it a gateway to and from Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. With the recent landing of two new cables in the Marseille facility and the strong projected growth for internet traffic in the African, Middle East and Asian regions, Marseille will be an increasingly important strategic hub for our wholesale customers.”

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