Colt Technology Services Unveils New Capital Markets Data Solution

Colt Technology Services, a provider of network and communications services for trading groups, has launched a new FPGA solution, part of its expanding market data portfolio for capital markets participants. The new solution is powered by NovaSparks and will be integrated within Colt’s existing MarketPrizm API, according to a group statement.

In particular, capital markets participants will now be able to receive TSE’s Flex Full market data feed normalized with an FPGA solution, Colt’s latest expansion of its capital markets solutions suite. The normalized market data feed will be available at the TSE as well as bundled into Colt’s MarketPrizm API offering.

The development is important as the integrated solution facilitates the ultra-low latency performance of FPGA technology all within Colt’s API. Moreover, the managed solution will also enable clients in colocation to harness the feed in real-time without any additional investments or footprint.

Andrew Housden

According to Andrew Housden, Vice President, Capital Markets at Colt, in a statement on the integration: “Capital Markets firms face significant challenges to remain competitive. A number of our customers have expressed interest in a managed FPGA market data solution, combining ultra-low latency and flexibility to help them succeed – and without upfront investment costs.”

“At Colt, we thrive on putting customers first and setting the benchmark for customer experience. That’s why we are pleased to bring to market this cost-effective solution that addresses our customers’ requirements and further enhances the Colt Capital Markets portfolio,”

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