Gold-i Rolling Out MT5 Oriented Product Suite, MT5 Gateway

Gold-i, a trading systems integration specialist for the financial services industry, is unveiling a new MetaTrader 5 product portfolio, MT5 Gateway, which will help provide clients with a range of functions and benefits, according to a Gold-i statement.

The new push towards the MT5 Gateway follows on the heels of MetaQuotes’ reinforced commitment to the MT5 platform over its predecessor, MT4. While adopted en masse, the group last week at the Finance Magnates London Summit revealed that it .

With a push towards MT5, Gold-i’s MT5 Gateway will provide access to over seventy liquidity providers as well as integration between existing retail and institutional financial trading modules. The upcoming MT5 Gateway has been engineered to work in tandem with Gold-i’s other product, Matrix, which acts as a modular multi-asset Liquidity Management Platform.

New Products Slated for 2017 Launch

Consequently, brokers utilizing MetaTrader 5 will be able to consolidate incoming liquidity feeds, thereby offering their own liquidity to client bases. Furthermore, Gold-i’s migration to an MT5 oriented system will also extend to its MAM Pro for MetaTrader 5, though this is slated for a Q1 2017 launch. The company is also planning to roll out its Link, RiskDB and Visual Edge for MT5 though these are scheduled tentatively for a 2017 release date.

Tom Higgins

According to Tom Higgins, CEO and founder of Gold-i, in a recent statement on the MT5 push: “We are very excited about our new integrations with MetaQuotes MT5 platform. We pushed boundaries with our MT4 Bridge and this has opened up opportunities to offer brokers new and interesting functionalities through our Gateway.”

“MetaTrader 5 is a Nirvana of a system and we envisage significant uptake. It offers a multi-venue trading facility via one platform and a single margin account across all asset classes. It is also mobile based, which increases its appeal even further to brokers worldwide. I believe it will be the platform of choice for retail brokers within the next two years, which is why we are investing so heavily in complex and time consuming product development to migrate our market-leading MT4 software to MT5.”

“We will continue to develop our MT5 portfolio, with a focus on ongoing innovation in order to help brokers using MetaTrader 5 to make more money, become more profitable and manage their risk more effectively,” he added.

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