Financial Commission Adds RallyTrade as Latest Member

The Financial Commission (FinaCom), an independent self-regulatory compliance specialist for the financial services industry, welcomed its latest member firm today with the addition of RallyTrade to its growing membership, per a FinaCom statement.

RallyTrade is presently operated by FRNG Nigeria, providing online trading services across multiple asset classes for international and domestic clients. The broker is the latest addition to FinaCom’s membership, gaining official status as a member of the organization with immediate effect.

At present, the Financial Commission exists as an industry-focused dispute resolution service, with its Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) serving as the group’s paramount regulatory body in all circumstances. The DRC is staffed by executives from leading companies in the financial services industry with the aim of resolving trader-broker conflicts. The group recently expanded the DRC with the after more than fifteen years in the banking and financial services industry.

The inclusion of RallyTrade to FinaCom’s membership is also the second addition this month, .

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