iFX EXPO Asia 2016, Day 2: CEOs Talk Shop and Celebrate the Chinese New Year

The final day of the iFX EXPO Asia this year was jam-packed with networking opportunities and insightful advice from industry experts. International players were again both learning and sharing their experiences about operating in the Asian markets.  Regional players, arriving in force this year, appreciated the global atmosphere and presence.

Expressing his impressions as a Chinese professional, Windson Junjie Chen, Doo Forex, said: “This is the only real opportunity we have to meet technology, liquidity and service providers from around the world that we only get to talk to on email before. The exhibition is beyond my expectation, I have been exhibiting in local industry events in Shanghai and Beijing and it was nothing like this, here we meet so many B2B professionals from all around the world.”

Among the day’s events were practical workshops, captivating speeches and two discussion panels. The first panel was a CEO roundtable of top companies operating in the region with Sophie Gerber, Francis Lee, Rajesh Yohannan, Adam Reynolds and Arthur Le. The CEOs talked about the effects of the recent stock market crash and slowdown in China, agreeing that everyone in the industry should have a long term view and that commitment to Asia is a must regardless of momentary situations.

The panelists also introduced the next markets they see as growth engines for online trading, such as Taiwan and Vietnam, and shared their personal stories from the region such as meeting a “Mermaid” in Shanghai or visiting a forex academy in a Soviet-era-style building in Mongolia. They also shared the pitfalls they saw when coming to Asia as international players or when Asian companies go abroad. If you missed seeing the panel live, stay tuned for the full video of the entertaining and enlightening talk.

The second panel of the day talked about diversification of trading instruments with industry experts Adam Vaziri, Sandy Jadeja, Malik Khan, Justin Biebel and Peter Rosenstreich. The panelists discussed the challenges of adopting new offerings such as training your staff to understand futures and educating clients on the operation of structured products as well as getting the right regulations.

Two interesting subjects that came up, just for example, were the prospects of incorporating bitcoin and binary options. The panelists had a very lively debate about the possibility of adding the instruments to an excising lineup of products but they all agreed that if you want to be innovative you should create a spinoff startup company to focus on the market and bring it under your brand once its proven to be successful. Again, stay tuned for the full video for all the insights.

With all attendees very happy and exhausted, the expo concluded with a ceremony including a marching band and dancers dressed in the theme of the new year of the monkey.

See you in London!

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