Tradesmarter Launches Auto Trading Application “Social Radar”

Binary option trading technology provider Tradesmarter has partnered with LeadDaWay to launch an auto trading 3rd party application named “Social Radar”. Launched tonight at the Hong Kong iFXEXPO 2016, the new app “combines sophisticated trader’s profile matching technology with a unique, practical and attractive calendar view, into a strong value add service to the traders’ community,” according to a joint statement.


“Social Radar” allows users to view successful traders that match their actual profile, choose who to follow and what trading limits to set. The cross-platform technology of the application encourages increased interaction between traders since they can view leading traders’ performance and follow them constantly by mobile, tablet or desktop.


The new trading app is the result of Tradesmarter collaborating with LeadDaWay, combining marketing expertise with state of the art technology, while taking key performance indicators (KPI) into consideration. In the statement released by the duo, Tradesmaster and LeaDaWay argued that the new application will increase trading volume, improve conversion and retention and enhance broker-trader relationships.

“Perfect Auto Trading Solution”

“Understanding the reality of a trusted partner with whom one can follow and trade with based on successful real-time results, the ‘Social Radar’ was developed according to the trader’s needs.” Said Ido Levi, VP Marketing at LeadDaWay. “The trader enjoys trading, taking advantage of following better traders and sharing results with his friends,” he added.


“The unique calendar view, the special trader’s profile match algorithm, the 3rd party fully transparent nature and the mobile platform capabilities make this second generation application the prefect Auto Trading solution,” stated Yoni Avital, CEO Tradesmarter.


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