Easy Payment Gateway’s CEO, COO Weigh the Future of Mobile Payments

Finance Magnates spoke with the CEO and Founder of Easy Payment Gateway, Alex Capurro and COO, Jose Manuel Peral to gather their unique perspective on gateways and payment service providers (PSPs).

Easy Payment Gateway (EPG) is a Gibraltar-based payment provider that caters to a wide range of clients across several asset classes. “It’s been a year since this our Fintech Startup entered the Market, however we have already signed leading clients like Sensus Capital and Leverate in the FX and Binary industry,” noted Mr. Capurro.

Currently, there are many payments providers and gateways servicing the financial markets industry. Ultimately however, “The features EPG utilizes in our back office set us apart from the rest. For example, we have unique routine system that by dragging and dropping icons on the screen can determine the path of a transaction based on any parameters or data the merchant wants. So for example you can determine that if a customer has a German credit card the system will detect it automatically and will route that transaction to a local German acquirer, but if the card of another customer is from Italy it will route the transaction to a local acquirer in Italy, and even if this fails the system will automatically and in real time guide the transaction to another acquirer or an alternative payment solution, or to the merchant support team etc,” noted Mr. Peral.

(Left) CEO, Alex Capurro, (Right) COO, Jose Manuel Peral, EPG

Payment providers are also making a continued push towards more customizable format for users and clients. Indeed, according to Mr. Capurro, “The other feature among the many we do would be the customizable cashiers that we provide, really 100% customizable and mobile compatible with 3D secure optimization for mobile.”

From the payment perspective there is a plethora of important characteristics that an FX or Binary company must look at when they are looking for the correct PSP or Gateway. “In our opinion a FX and a Binary company should focus in two things, flexibility and cost. As for flexibility, this means giving clients the option to have different payments methods depending of the region were your customers are. We live in a global world so through one gateway you should be able to in real time and with no need of technical knowledge be able to accept payments from everywhere,” added Mr Peral.

A Gateway or PSP should give value to the company, increasing revenues and optimizing costs as much as possible

Alternatively, “Costs must be effective. By this I man you need to get you the highest conversion possible at the best price possible. EPG does this with our routing system and being completely transparent with the merchant and all the solutions we provide to him. Thus, the Gateway or PSP should add value to the company, increasing the revenues and optimizing its costs as much and that is what we do here in EPG.”

Shifting gears slightly, the focus moved to mobile payments, arguably one of the biggest future growth channels for any PSPs. With payments on the rise via mobile technology, this channel likely is seen the most likely candidate for the future of transactions.

“Mobile payments are definitely the future. There are studies that say that in 2018, 75% of the world transactions will be done by mobile. For that you have to give your customers an amazing experience, by giving him the option to pay through his trustable methods and an optimized mobile cashier. In EPG we really focus in the cashier – we even recommend that VIP clients have VIP cashiers customized for them.”

Mobile payments are definitely the future

Next up came the rational behind FX brokers and Binary providers utilizing several acquirers. Mr. Capurro attested to the benefit of this, as “It’s a “must – FX and Binary companies are more and more popular around the world so merchants should be ready to convert payments from any part of the world, and you can only do this by having different local acquirers and the alternative solutions accepted on those countries.” 

EPG itself has been active with procuring clients across the FX and Binary Options realm. This includes recent collaborations with Leverate and SpotOption in Israel, and Sensus Capital and Traders Room in Europe.

Moreover, “We are getting requests from many countries around the world, both big and small companies, but mainly the UK, Israel, Switzerland. All the companies are trying to reach new markets like Asia, Russia or some niche parts of Europe that still don’t know much about Binary Options,” Mr Peral noted.

Finally, Mr. Capurro gave his perspective on Binary Options and its future as a tradable asset moving forward. Invariably, “I see it growing. Every day we receive requests from more and more startups and companies that are interested in accepting payments and increasing their acceptance rates. Remember the higher your acceptance rates, the more income you get and the lower your processing costs will be. Fraud prevention is also a must for any company, and this is also EPG is very strong at. Lastly, we think the market will get more regulated as its becoming more and more popular in people with less knowledge about finance, but apart from this we see it growing a lot.”

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