FX ECN 7Hedge Provides Low Latency Solution for FX Traders

Fixnetix, a leading technology provider to financial services firms, has announced that it is providing connectivity to FX trading firm, 7Hedge. The move comes on the back of enhanced requirements for participants in the currency markets to trade in a speed sensitive environment.

The two firms reported that they have signed an agreement whereby 7Hedge will be utilising the network of Fixnetix, an established player dealing with over 40 data centers and providing connectivity to over 90 markets. Hosting 7Hedge on the mature infrastructure that Fixnetix has in place will allow users to establish connectivity to 7Hedge quickly and easily on a global scale.

Ashwind Soonarane, Global Liquidity & Distribution, 7Hedge, commented about the new offering in a statement. “We are the first ECN to offer such connectivity options via Fixnetix at zero cost,” he said. Adding, “We will be delivering even faster execution with ultra-low round-trip latency to many existing clients as well as on-boarding new clients wishing to leverage and profit from this unique relationship.”

Hugh Hughes, Chairman and CEO of Fixnetix added: “Fixnetix are happy to support 7Hedge in continually driving innovation in the FX marketplace. Our robust, low latency global network provides the perfect highway to connect market participants further.

Market access to 7Hedge will be offered to clients free of fees by Fixnetix as 7Hedge will be providing sponsorship. 7Hedge, with its global drive to increase liquidity to the FX marketplace has invested to ensure the cost of new client connections remains competitive.”

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