Barry Silbert’s 104-Bidder Syndicate Wins the Other 48,000 USMS Auctioned Bitcoins

Barry Silbert’s syndicate, consisting of 104 bidders, has won the other 48,000 bitcoins by the US Marshals Service (USMS):

The syndicate was organized by Silbert’s Bitcoin Investment Trust and the trading division at SecondMarket.

Tim Draper of the other 2000 bitcoins, as well as all 29,656 BTC in .

Though the USMS generally does not disclose the identity of auction participants or winners, it made an exception on this occasion “because SecondMarket has come forward.”

Transfer of the bitcoins to SecondMarket was completed yesterday. Based on prices at the time, the stash was worth approximately $17 million.

The prices offered by the winning bidders have not been disclosed in either auction. It’s not impossible that the winners paid a premium on the going market rates.

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