Ex-analyst of Bankrupt MMCIS Konstantin Kondakov Speaks Out to Depositors

It’s been seven months since Forex Magnates reported that Russian self-regulatory organization CRFIN  and the allegedly unrealistic returns which it promised to investors in managed accounts.

It took a touch less than half a year for the troubling signs for clients of the brokerage to appear, and for it to ultimately cease operations and . It purportedly filed for bankruptcy last month.

Kondakov spoke out through his profile on Russian social media network VKontakte. After the demise of the brokerage, according to Kondakov, he lost a substantial amount of money, just like the clients in the brokerage. He claimed that nobody can show proof that he has ever been associated with the management of the firm, nor that he founded it.

He also claimed that he was merely a trader and analyst providing Metatrader signals to the dealing desk of MMCIS, without citing a specific reason as to why, however. He also expressed his confidence that the firm will be revived, and that clients will gain access to their funds because he, himself, is working on it.

Repeating the claim that the funds of the company have been stolen by its payments processor “Dengi Online” and that the firm can prove it, has been the only mention about a way to recover the clients’ funds.

He also added that the firm is looking for investors. However, it is hard to believe that a fully bankrupt company which owes an unspecified amount to clients, who are only waiting for the opportunity to withdraw their funds and cease their relationship with the brokerage, can attract any “adventure capital.”

According to the amount of interest which the topic is generating, the number of clients who have parted with their funds is not small. Whatever the rationale is behind Kondakov giving hope to the depositors remains unknown.

This is something which he mentions in his statement, saying, “There is no reason to despair, life goes on and what happened is part of life.”

Kondakov also mentioned that, according to him, a  through its merger with Mill Trade. However, this will not play any part in the recovery of customer funds, but could be put to good use for the renaissance of the brokerage – a scenario which looks more distant day by day.

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