Deciphering Big Data

With regards to news sentiment and specifically big data and user insight there are two areas of interest to someone trying to understand:

  1. By measuring volume of news and volatility (AKA Fear or Buzz) around a subject you can derive data that will tell you what your user target is most likely to be reading about in the news, and what your advertising or promotional material should be dedicated to. You may find an uptick in news relating to EUR/USD in the Japanese language for example, and users in social media showing large amounts of fear.
  1. The use of Google trends is becoming increasingly important in understanding how people are searching. In the infographic below I have searched under some principle currency pairs and what comes up of interest is the following:

a) The USD/RUB is spiking tremendously as we would imagine to levels of interest equivalent to JPY and GBP

b) That as a percentage of population, people in Lithuania are most likely to be interested in trading EUR/USD

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