Paysafe Card Added as a Payment Option in Microsoft Store

Paysafe Group, a global payments provider, expanded its partnership with yet another tech giant, activating its paysafecard as a payment option in the Microsoft Store in 22 countries.
While there are several free apps at Microsoft’s marketplaces, eventually you are going to want to buy an app, game, movie, music or TV show. As such, the collaboration will reportedly provide Paysafe users with the ability to pay for their digital goods offered at the Microsoft Store and on, with plans to extend the integration to include purchases on the Xbox game console in early 2021.
Alongside paysafecard, if you want to pay for a Microsoft subscription or for purchases from the Microsoft Store, you can use a credit card, debit card, bank account and PayPal, among a few others.
Speaking about this, Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard, said: “Working with a technology giant like Microsoft that offers such a vast variety of hardware and software products that millions of people use every day allows us to reach an enormous new customer base. And for Microsoft, whose mission it is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more, having this simple eCash solution as a user-friendly payments option makes them even more accessible.”
Trevor Nies, Senior Director at Microsoft, also noted: “We are proud to enable cash-based customers to access the world of online shopping with a solution that is as reliable, easy and secure as paysafecard. Making Paysafe’s eCash payment solution available to millions of our customers who are shopping for our products online was a logical next step for us.”
Paysafe Delves Further into E-commerce, and Crypto
Paysafe Group has recently boosted its presence in the e-commerce space at a time when competition in the sector is increasing. The global payment provider has acquired gift card payment network Openbucks for an undisclosed sum.
Moreover, the acquisition makes strategic sense for the company as it helps deepen its footprint and catapult Paysafe into the customer’s journey throughout the purchase funnel, from discovery to purchase and payment.
Elsewhere, and given the crowded pipeline of crypto investors, as well as the emerging appetite from millennials, Paysafe onboarded US-based exchange, Kraken to participate in its network of cryptocurrency liquidity providers.
This collaboration backs Paysafe’s own crypto buy and sell services where Skrill and Neteller clients can buy, sell and spend crypto-assets through their accounts. With Kraken providing much of the liquidity as well as acting as an exclusive liquidity provider for certain crypto assets, Paysafe customers benefit from quicker and more efficient transactions.

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