SPiCE VC Lists Security Token on Germany’s Black Manta Capital

SPiCE VC, a blockchain venture capital firm, informed Finance Magnates that it has listed its security token on Black Manta Capital Partners, a BaFin-licensed financial services platform.
The listing will make the security token accessible to a network of accredited investors. This new listing came after SPiCE added its token to the offerings of tokenization platforms, like and . 
However, the latest listing on Black Manta Capital is different from the previous one.
“Fusang exchange and OpenFinance are secondary trading exchanges for digital securities. SPiCE being listed there is a way to provide more liquidity options for SPiCE investors,” SPiCE VC Founder and Managing Partner, , told Finance Magnates.
“Black Manta’s platform, on the other hand, is an investment platform, a primary fundraising network. It is a network of professional/accredited investors. Being listed on Black Manta opens up an incredible amount of opportunities for SPiCE as it continues to make progress in its current fundraising round.”
SPiCE recently announced the opening of its second fundraising round, aiming to raise $100 million. “We’re well on our way to achieving our target Q1 2021, with major institutional players already committing,” Elyashiv revealed.
The venture capital has further plans to list its on upcoming exchanges like Archax and INX.
The listing on Black Manta will only make the security token accessible to the investors in the European Union.
The Industry of Security Tokens Is Still Nascent
Answering our queries on the performance of already listed SPiCE security tokens, Elyashiv pointed out the “newness of the industry” and said that “trading of all digital securities has been relatively light.”
“The expectation is that this second wave of trading platforms and investment opportunities is paving the way for wider mainstream adoption, greater value and better trading,” he said.
SPiCE VC is a tokenized venture capital, focusing its investments on blockchain companies and also other tech startups. It has taken stakes in INX, Bakkt, Securitize, Archax and several other companies.
“Revolutionizing the VC asset class using blockchain technology, SPiCE invests globally in platforms and ecosystem providers enabling access to capital markets, banking, real estate, and other industries enhanced through Blockchain technologies,” Elyashiv explained.
“We understand the blockchain ecosystem and the digital securities industry specifically well – we come from the industry, and all of our portfolio companies are part of the Blockchain/tokenization ecosystem.”
Bullish on 2021
Additionally, Elyashiv sees many upcoming promising trends in tokenization in 2021, including an increase in institutional and venture capital investment in blockchain companies, an increase in VC fund tokenization, and an increase in secondary trading options and liquidity.
Explaining the future plans of SPiCE VC, the Founder said that the company is “poised to achieve several other significant milestones early next year, including additional strategic partnerships, investment announcements and more.”

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